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Free Support to Select EHR Vendor and Achieve DC Medicaid EHR Incentives by June 30th

Posted over 1 year ago by Ibironke Hernandez

Thanks to Karen Mack for providing the information for this!

Limited-Time Opportunity:
Free Support to Select EHR Vendor and Achieve DC Medicaid EHR Incentives by June 30th

The District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance is excited to announce a limited-time opportunity for eligible providers who have not previously attested for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (MEIP) through DC or another state. Eligible professionals will now be able to receive free technical assistance through eHealthDC, a DCPCA program, to collect first-year payments of $21,250 per provider through successful DC MEIP attestation before June 30, 2017.

To qualify for free technical assistance and the DC MEIP, an Eligible Professional must meet the following criteria:

  • Be either a physician, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife or dentist; 
  • Maintain a Medicaid patient volume threshold of 30% (20% for pediatricians); and 
  • Adopt, Implement or Upgrade (AIU) federally certified health information technology (Certified Health IT) by June 30th.

For those providers who have not already adopted an Electronic Health Record (EHR), eHealthDC will provide vendor selection, support and guidance through the EHR selection and MEIP attestation process. For those who already have a certified EHR and have yet to attest for incentive payments, eHealthDC will provide technical assistance to help providers navigate through the CMS and DC State Level Registry (SLR) attestation systems.

Providers who have not selected an EHR and attested through the DC SLR by June 30, 2017 will no longer be eligible to register for the DC MEIP to receive incentive payments totaling up to $63,750 per provider over a 6-year period.

Those who have previously attested through the DC SLR or through another state are also eligible for eHealthDC support and will be able to attest for Program Year 2016 until the June 30, 2017 deadline.

For more information on whether you qualify for the DC MEIP and free eHealthDC support, please coordinate with your practice administrator to contact eHealthDC staff directly at , call 202-552-2331or submit an inquiry at eHealthDC is a program of the District of Columbia Primary Care Association (DCPCA).


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