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Health Career Experience for High School Students

Posted over 1 year ago by Ibironke Hernandez

This coming school year ( August 21 2017-May 2018), Dr. Calvin O. Culmer, Principal of Friendship Charter School is facilitating a Clinical Rotation Preceptorship for 15 12th-grade students in Friendship Public Charter School's Science Academy. This group of students have expressed interest in pursuing careers in Allied Health.

Dr. Calvin O. Culmer is trying to identify some internships/preceptorships that will provide the students with opportunities to get a "real" feel and understanding of what Nurse Practitioners, nurses, physicians, dentists and other associated Allied Health Professionals actually do. It will help them understand the motivation, dedication and commitment it takes to successfully navigated these career choices. 

Specifically, the clinical rotation is set-up to provide "off-site" opportunities that support what students will be learning in class. If you are able to take on any high school student within your practice, please contact Dr. Culmer by email, or telephone, 202-246-8848 Ext. 68848


Ibironke Hernandez about 1 year ago

This is an opportunity for NPs to showcase the profession to young adults and impressed on them, that being a nurse practitioner is a great career choice they should aspire to be!

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