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Hearing scheduled for proposed DC Signature Authority legislation - September 18th

Posted over 1 year ago by Laura Worby

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The DC City Council's Committee on Health is holding hearings n several health-related bills on September 18th at 11 am (see attached announcement).

If you live and/or practice in DC, please consider signing up to testify in support of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Signature Authority Amendment Act of 2017. This legislation would allow APRNs to "sign, certify, stamp, or endorse all documents that require the signature of a physician, provided it is within their scope of authorized practice."

For your testimony, think of specific examples where a form requiring a physician signature for documentation within your scope of practice has resulted in delays in care for a patient. If you need help drafting your testimony, please contact Laura Worby through the ENP website.

If any of the other bills being considered at the hearing interest you, please feel free to testify on those as well. Any time NPs speak out as experts and advocates for our patients, we educate decision-makers about who we are and what we do for the health of our community.

Instructions for signing up to testify are included in the attachment. The testimony is limited to 3 minutes, and the deadline to sign up is 5pm on September 14th.