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*** News Release ***

Posted 11 months ago by Cathy Hampton

We are happy to announce the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Signature Authority Amendment Act of 2017 - B22-0333 is officially law.

The DC Council passed the legislation mid-December and Mayor Bowser signed on December 28, 2017.  It was not overturned by the US Congress, and became effective as  Public Act A22-0220 on February 17, 2018. 

The new law authorizes advanced practice registered nurses to sign, certify, stamp or endorse all documents related to healthcare within their scope of practice in DC.  The DC Board of Nursing is the official authority on compliance with all new laws and regulations affecting APRN practice in the District. 

Thank you to all NPs who took the time to testify in person and for the support of the NPADC. 

Please Note: this does not impact the Federal legislation currently in the Senate and House that includes Home Health and Diabetic Shoes for Medicare patients, ACO's and the Affordable Care Act.  To take action on these and other campaigns follow this link:

Laura Worby – NPADC Legislative Coordinator

Cathy Hampton – DC AANP State Representative