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AANP Update from Cathy Hampton, DC State Representative

Posted over 1 year ago by Cathy Hampton

Message from your AANP Representative

Tuesday June 19th, the District of Columbia will hold their Primary Election.  On November 6, 2018, DC will hold their General Election.  AANP and NPADC are both non-partisan associations, however we strongly encourage you to exercise your right to vote in both of these elections.

The following contests will appear on the ballot for the June 19, 2018 Primary Election: 

  • Delegate to the United States House of Representatives
  • Mayor of the District of Columbia
  • Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia
  • At-large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia
  • Ward Member of the Council of the District of Columbia (Wards 1, 3, 5 & 6)
  • Attorney General of the District of Columbia
  • United States Senator
  • United States Representative
  • National and Local Party Committee Members (Held at the Request of the Eligible Parties) 

Initiative Measure Number 77 - District of Columbia Minimum Wage Amendment Act of 2017:

If enacted, this initiative will gradually increase the minimum wage in the District of Columbia to $15 hourly by 2020; gradually increase the minimum wage for tipped employees so that they receive the same minimum wage directly from their employer as other employees by 2026; Beginning in 2021, require minimum wage to increase yearly in proportion to increases in the consumer price index. The minimum wage increases under the initiative will not apply to DC government employees or employees of DC government contractors. 

To check your polling site, follow this link:

Another place you can make your voice heard is on the Advocacy page of the AANP website.  With a click you can send out letters in support of the NP legislation, including the newest MAT continuation act S. 2317/H.R. 3692, to make MAT prescription permanent for NPs.  Click here to send a letter directly to Delegate Eleanor Norton.  All NPs, regardless of membership in AANP, are eligible to advocate for our profession via this link.

If you will be attending the AANP National Conference in Denver CO, please make sure you attend the Region 3 (DC) Meeting on Wednesday June 27th at 3:45 p.m. in meeting room 712.  We will have our own DC breakout session and I would love to see you there.