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New Health Professional Loan Repayment Program Cycle Opening

Posted about 1 year ago by Laura Worby

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The DC Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP) will open for applications on September 1, 2018.  Applicants must submit their completed applications by October 30, 2018. 

DC’s Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP) provides loan repayment (up to $65,327) to eligible providers practicing in underserved areas of the District for at least two years. This year's program is open for primary care providers only. Eligible participants must be licensed in the District of Columbia and practicing at HPLRP-certified Service Obligation Sites (SOS).  A certified SOS must be either a nonprofit or a public entity that provides primary care services to District residents regardless of their ability to pay and is located in a federally-designated Health Professional Shortage or Medically Underserved Area within the District that corresponds to the services the entity provides.   Applicants must be already employed or have a signed employment contract with a certified SOS at the time of application. A list of approved sites can be found at

The program will be issuing approximately four awards to be made to primary medical care practitioners (e.g. primary care physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, and registered nurses). As outlined in the legislation, preference will be given to practitioners in community-based settings.

Additional guidelines, and application packages can be found at  For more information please see the attached bulletin or contact the loan repayment program directly at or 202-442-5892.